“Anchorman” Getting a Sequel

San Diego’s Number 1 news team is coming back! Despite an initial lack of interest over the past couple of years, Paramount has finally given the go ahead for “Anchorman 2”. And the announcement came from none other than Ron Burgundy himself. San Diego’s favorite news anchor made a surprise visit on an episode of “Conan”, and after a passionate flute solo and taking time to voice his disgust with Conan’s looks, he made the announcement.

Check out the video of the announcement after the break.

Let me start by saying I love how they announced this. I wish more studios announced upcoming projects like that. Forget the boring internet release, have a little fun with it.

For the longest time, it seemed like this sequel was never going to happen. Despite the interest of the fans, and Farrell himself, Paramount had continuously refused to give the film the green light. But now, according to SlashFilm, Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, and David Koechner are all said to be reprising their roles alongside Ferrell for the film. Adam McKay, who directed "Anchorman", will also return for the sequel as well. 
There is no word yet on whether any other actors from “Anchorman” will be appearing though.  

I never get too excited for any comedy sequel, but I definitely wouldn’t mind watching these guys team up again. The first time I saw this movie I wasn’t that impressed with it, but it's grown on me over the years. And with the vast majority of Farrell’s recent films being duds, its probably a smart move to revisit one of his most successful roles.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this, and did everyone like how they announced it?