Box Office Report: "Big Miracle" Doesn't Apply Name to Box Office Take

Welcome to this week's edition of The Weekend Box Office. We're still in the midst of the new year, so not a lot of excitement quite yet. But the two movies we singled out here last week, "Chronicle" and "The Woman in Black" both proved dominant at the box office this weekend.

With the help of Box Office Mojo, check out the numbers after the break!

This weekend, our two top competitors slugged it out, coming within $1MM of each other. "Chronicle" edged it out though, but both provided very respectable numbers, with "Chronicle" nearly doubling its budget in its first weekend. "The Grey" did about as expected, with a 50% drop from last weekend. It wouldn't have surprised me if it'd hung on a little better, but with two unique genre pieces opening this weekend, most of what it could have gotten was surely eaten up by those films. With its overly-positive reviews though - and with the week winter months ahead - I expect "The Grey" to hang around in the top five or ten for a while.

Otherwise, "Big Miracle" was the other new release this weekend, and can probably be called a disappointment at the moment. The movie boasted a $40MM budget and wasn't even able to bring in 25% of that. But these heart-felt family movies tend to start slow and just remain steady for months. I'm sure it'll make money, it'll just be a long road. But outside of these top four, nothing really did much at all. Check out the numbers below. Pretty lack-luster in my opinion though. I can't even find anything else worth pointing out.

BOM Weekend Projections: