The Trailer Park: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Brake, Just Like Being There, Osombie, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Looks overly fantastical, which I guess will make it fun, but it would have been interesting to see the concept take place in a world with a stronger sense of realism. Excited for it nonetheless.

Feels like 2010, the year of the one man show, all over again.

Just Like Being There
Documentary on Gig Posters. Fine Art for the masses?

What if Osama bin Laden crawled to shore from his watery grave as a zombie? Find out here!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Even if the world does end on December 21,2012 (My Birthday), at least we got a lot of cool movies out of it...lets hope this one doesn't disappoint. I love the idea of scrabbling to make up for a wasted life with your final days on Earth. Plus, I'm digging that the end of the world subject is being tackled with humor. I'm really rooting for this movie to be great.


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about that Abraham Lincoln trailer. On one hand I think it's not much like what I was expecting/hoping for, but on the other, it looks pretty wild, so it might be a lot of fun.

    Overall, I'm going to say this trailer lowers my expectations for it though. I think I wanted it to be much more real-world themed. And maybe it still will be, but this trailer didn't give me that indication.

  2. yeah i feel the same way... Say the Spielberg Lincoln coming out this year is what Lincolns day life is like. I wanted this movie to exist in that same universe except be Lincolns nightlife killing vampires.

  3. You gotta admit though, the way he chopped down that tree was pretty badass. Plus I immediately thought of the Slacker Selection Wild Men(or whatever it was called, I'm in a hurry and don't have time to look it up) and how much they could've used this guys chopping ability.

  4. I had a good laugh at that tree clip. It reminded me of the batman vs punisher argument. When is Nolan gonna have batman kick a damn tree in half?


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