Top 5 Movie Guide: Denzel Washington

Thanks for checking out our second edition of the Top 5 Movie Guide. This week we take a look at our five favorite Denzel Washington movies. With "Safe House" being released this weekend (not that we're necessarily pumped for it or anything), he seemed like a fitting candidate to get dissected by the writers here.


So as usual, check out all of our lists after the break, and see how your lists compare to ours.

And as always, feel free to post your favorite Denzel movies at the bottom. We'd love to see where you think we missed!

Alex Schopp -

     1. Remember the Titans
This is one of my favorite movies of all-time. A very inspirational and uplifting film that hits all the right chords. It may not be completely accurate, but Washington carries us through this movie and really makes us care for this story. Also, the soundtrack to this is top-notch!
     2. The Hurricane
My love of sports is really starting to come through in this list.. My favorite part about this movie was its ability to show a powerful character and his will to never give up. Even in the most dire of situations, he rose above everything and eventually got his justice. A great piece of acting by Washington, in a very heartfelt and inspirational story.
     3. Fallen
I loved the tone of this movie. Very eerie and drab feeling. Provided a lot of tension to the story being told, plus a few good twists at the end.
     4. American Gangster
I didn't love this movie when I first saw it. I thought it was well done with some actors that I really enjoy watching, but the story didn't do as much for me initially as it did since I've let it set. The biggest way this one won me over was for the "team-up" at the end. The unexpected this-is-bigger-than-both-of-us team-up is one of my favorite themes in film. Anytime you can incorporate that in an effective way, I'm all for. Great characters though who spend their lives trying to catch/avoiding each other, but you can still see at the end of it all the great respect they have for one another.
     5. The Manchurian Candidate
I remember seeing this film when it came out, and ever since then, I've been hooked. Even though this is a remake, it still feels really fresh and unique. The script is smart and creepy, and I think especially with how the country is today (or, was back in 2004 even) this movie might even be more powerful than its original back in 1962.

Ben Foutch - 

     1. Virtuosity
Action-packed and full of cheese!
     2. Fallen
Just a solid, creepy thriller.
     3. Training Day
One of the most inspired performances of his career.
     4. Book of Eli
Great atmospheric, throw-back thriller.
     5. Man on Fire
Brutal and satisfying thriller.

Derek Clem - 

     1. Book of Eli
Great acting. Great movie. Great ending. Post-apocalyptic is one of my favorite genres.
     2. Man on Fire
When I worked at a movie theater, my best friend and I would dance to the end credits music while we swept up popcorn. Definitely one of my favorite memories from my favorite job.
     3. Inside Man
Denzel really has nothing to do with my love for this movie. I just like it a lot and he just happens to be in it.
     4. Philadelphia
"Now, explain it to me like I'm a four-year old". That quote has woven itself into the fabric of our culture. I like to think it has anyway. And though Denzel is great in it, I think I dig this movie more for Tom Hanks.
     5. Training Day
Exercises his range quite a bit.

Nathan Hinds -

     1. Remember the Titans
One of my all-time favorite movies and maybe my all-around favorite sports movie. Great all-around cast, but Denzel is the obvious star in this one.
     2. Inside Man
This is one of my all-time favorite heist films. I love all the twists of this movie and finding out how everything was pulled off.
     3. John Q
I think for me personally, Denzel Washington makes movies that have a whole lot of watchability. With most of his movies I can watch them just about any time they are on, and "John Q" is no exception. People say that it's manipulative and over-the top; I say who cares, I love it.
     4. The Hurricane
A powerful drama about hate and compassion and fighting for what you believe in - and the strength and determination it takes to see that through.
     5. Unstoppable
A great throwback in 90's action movies. Just a fun movie, again with extremely high watchability.

Andy Schopp - 

     1. Book Of Eli

     2. Remember the Titans

     3. American Gangster

     4. The Manchurian Candidate

     5. Antwone Fisher

There you have it! Our Best-Of Denzel Washington lists. It looks like everyone has a pretty different take on which ones are the best. And what ended up being so unique about these lists is, with all the quality films that Washington has put out, no one movie landed on the lists more than three times - "Remember the Titans" and "Book of Eli" being the two that did, but NINE different movies made multiple appearances! Great variety, and hopefully all you need to expand your knowledge of Denzel Washington's filmography!