Slackers Selection CinemaCast: Episode 1

Thanks for tuning in for our first ever Slackers Selection Movie Blog Podcast! This week we discuss the newest Super Bowl movie ads, give our combined thoughts on movies released this past weekend, movies coming out next weekend, and all of our most anticipated movies of 2012.

This is our first ever try at this, so after listening to this, I realize that it's not perfect, but we'll get there. Sound quality will improve, length will decrease a bit, but right now we're still experimenting and working the kinks out. Hopefully, after a couple more cracks at this, it will organically evolve into what we're wanting here.

Thank you for listening though, and we hope you tune in every week!

Also, we'd really love getting some general questions from listeners that we can answer weekly as well. So you can always email us at with any of your questions, or, leave them at the bottom. Next week we'll probably hit on some of the Oscar stuff to come, as well as other general movie news and releases. Any questions related to any of that, we'd love to hear!

So take a listen below, or subscribe via RSS with the icon at the bottom.

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