Oscar News (Sorta): Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From the Oscars? Maybe.

Sacha Baron Cohen may be getting the boot from being able to attend the Oscars this coming Sunday. Organizers heard that Cohen, who is attending because of his role in the Best Picture nominee "Hugo", planned to show up dressed as the character for his upcoming film "The Dictator". For now organizers are saying no decision has been made since they don't know his intentions for sure. Read the full article here, and my thoughts on this after the jump.

I am a huge Sacha Baron Cohen fan. In my opinion, I think he is the greatest comedic actor of this generation, and one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. His film "Borat" currently sits in the Number two spot on my all-time favorite comedies list. While normally I'm on board with everything he does to stir up controversy, I've gotta say I don't think I want to see this publicity stunt happen. The Oscars are supposed to honor the best films of the previous year, not plug upcoming films that have no chance of ever being nominated anyway. Me being against it is more of a "big picture" issue though.

If he gets away with it, where does the train stop after that? I just think it would start a snowball effect of every big picture studio trying to plug their upcoming projects. Look at other movie award shows like the "MTV Movie Awards". All the awards Twilight has somehow won aside, the main reason that award show is a joke is because it is much more of a display for upcoming projects rather than honoring what other movies have achieved, regardless of how bad they might be. The main example I think back to is the year "Transformers" was coming out. The MTV Awards were promoting that movie like craaaazy; the awards were really just one big "Transformers" advertisement. They actually came up with an award "Best Movie You Haven't Seen Yet" just so they could also give the thing an award. Now, I don't think the Oscars would ever go to that extreme, but I still don't want it to turn into one big advertising extravaganza.

So Sacha, even though I love you as an actor, and I'm sure I would still think its funny, keep it for somewhere other than the Oscars. The Academy is already gonna throw away the Best Picture award this year to "The Artist". I don't want to also have to look back on this year as the year the Oscars turned into a promo show for upcoming films.

What do you guys think, should he do it or no?