New "Wrath of the Titans" Photos Released

Despite pretty harsh words from critics and audiences in general, I was actually a pretty big fan of Clash of the Titans. And the photos that have been released for the upcoming Wrath of the Titans have me really pumped to see this one as well.

I think there is some pretty awesome looking stuff here. With what I've seen here and from the trailers I think Wrath of the Titans is shaping up to look pretty good. At least we know they go big for these movies. I guess we'll know for sure after March 30th.


  1. Hopefully this movie steps up its game a little! I remember Clash of the Titans releasing awesome photos and trailers, then it was just very blah. Maybe this one can right some of its wrongs.

  2. I agree, the first one was one of the biggest let downs ever after knowing what Worthington is capable of in action flicks and how awesome the trailers were. and i'm almost sure history is going to repeat itself, because the trailers and images have me sold on the sequel. I just hope the movie lives up to how cool it looks now.

  3. honestly, that's one of the best posters i've ever seen. the only thing that could make it better is if it was painted.

  4. That poster is cool but just makes me think of disney hercules. Is that a lava titan? Wherea frosty and tornado man?


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