Jean Dujardin Auditions for EVERYHING

As most of you may (or may not) know, Jean Dujardin is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor this year, and in most circles is even the favorite. Dujardin starred in "The Artist", and like the rest of the cast and crew, is a European actor (though silent, the film is technically a foreign film). Now the running joke with this video is that after some of these more recent overseas actors have made their big breakthrough, they end up being relegated to very standard villainous roles (Christoph Waltz comes to mind most notably). And in this Funny or Die video, Dujardin just continues the trend. Watch below as he auditions for every possible villain role out there - everything from 'Die Hard 5' to 'Jack and Jill 2'.

I will say that even though I'd prefer George Clooney to win Best Actor this year, this guy has done everything right to get there. From his other awards speeches, to talk show appearances, and now even this, showing a lighter, more comical side, he's nailing it. And even though I wasn't the biggest fan of "The Artist", I respect Dujardin and I hope he goes on to do good things.