The Good Fight.

"The Big Lebowski", 1998
People tell me that its unnatural what I do; that I should get help for my problem. They say "doing it alone so often is just sad!" But I know my own truth. I know what it all adds up to: I am a proud movie fanatic!

We get up at the crack of 10:30AM to go see the early shows so you don't have to. And so that the good men, women and children of this country can go to bed each night KNOWING that we are out there waiting in the midnight release lines. Is it easy to live off of popcorn and soda pop? Is it easy to take the time out of my busy 25-hour work week to see every brand new movie that comes out? Is it easy!? No. But you, me, all of us...we fight on. We do it so that you no longer have to venture out to those iffy releases only to find that they weren't, in fact, worth watching. We're you're guide through this wonderful world we call cinema.

"Zoolander", 2001
And why, you ask? Why would we put ourselves though such a thing? Are we heroes? Maybe. Do we deserve a medal? Probably. But no, we do this without any need for recognition or reward. We'll continue to fight this fight, taking the good with the bad. We'll wade through the Catwomans and Battlefield Earths so that you don't have to. So when you do go to the theater for that magical experience, you can do it with confidence; you can know that you've been steered in the right direction and you aren't making one of the worst decisions of your life. That's what we have been, and always will be, here for.

You're welcome, world.