"Cost of Living" - Short Film Featuring Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison

I just came across this short film on the web, and it seemed worthy of a post. And mostly, just nice to see that one-time Superman himself, Brandon Routh, can still get a job after a movie like Dylan Dog... We're all rooting for you over here at the Slackers Selection Movie Blog, Brandon!

This sci-fi short takes place in an engineering plant of some sorts and stars Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison as members of a team assigned to the task of "containing a breech". I thought the film was funny and packed with plenty of substance. Both actors do their best to over-act the action film genre (at least I hope they were going out of their way to be funny...), and the filming is actually pretty precise and well-done. There are plenty of little sci-fi references throughout, so see if you can pick any of them out. The short was directed by BenDavid Grabinski and shot by Morgan Susser.

By the way, for anyone out there who followed our old TV show, "Off the Subject", this short reminds me of a skit we featured in our final episode. An action-packed story with two characters worried more about their personal lives than what's at hand - in this case a deadly monster, in ours, a wild-west shootout. This film BARELY edges out our skit in overall quality. This: actually shot with real stars and a  real budget. Ours: from behind a green couch using $5 toy guns in a den with Mountain Dew cans scattered about.

Anyway, check it out below. It's a good bit of entertainment to help you pass the next ten minutes. And if you're interested, here's a link to Grabinski's own page as well as one for the film itself.