World, Welcome to Slackers Selection Productions!

Well this is exciting! The first post for the new site! I've been wanting to get something like this going for years now, so I'm glad we're finally getting something up and running. We're still in the very preliminary stages of everything, so I'm not 100% sure of who all will be contributing to this. Once I run it by all of the guys, we'll get some posts up from all of the different writers, introducing you to the team. My hope is that we get four of five of us on board and over the coming months and years, personalities will show through, and you, the reader, will find a different writers that you connect connect with and relate to, taste-wise. I hope that with our stable of writers, we'll provide excellent movie coverage and eventually become your go-to site for anything movie related, whether it be awards info or just your general movie review or discussion.

I know there are a million different movie blogs out there, and I know you probably already have your favorites. And I believe that most of them do a wonderful job of covering what they want to cover. Some sites focus on the awards circuits, and some solely on big blockbuster, superhero-type movies. And obviously there are a million in between, focusing on some other specific niche. But that's truly what the backbone of this site will be. Our guys here are all very well versed in a variety of different areas of the film industry, and I think as a whole, when we're all contributing the the sum, it creates for a powerhouse of information on an immense variety of subjects. Collectively, I believe that our site will be the true home for all different kinds of movie fans. If you have an interest in film, we can be your outlet. No more switching around based on the season. We'll have everything covered in one spot, year 'round!

I know that this sounds like a massive undertaking, and it is. But trust me when I say we're passionate about this and we will come through with all that's been promised above. It may be a slow start; we don't yet have all the wonderful resources and connections that most of the bigger sites can offer right now, but we will get there. I'm looking forward to the journey. Please comment and contribute frequently, your support will be welcomed and appreciated. We have many different ideas in mind for the site, but not all of them will be winners. We understand that. This will be a work in progress, so any feedback you ever have will always be taken openly. Any and all correspondence will always be read and discussed.

I hold all of the above writings as this site's credo and commitment to our readers.