Andy Schopp's Top 10 Movies of All-Time

Now as Alex said before, there is an understanding that adding Star Wars to your list of movies actually only gives you about four empty slots to work with on your list. I would like to make it publicly known first before I write my list that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie of all time. It has every element I'm looking for in a film: a lovable rogue, intense scenes of sci-fi violence, adventure on the grandest scale, and the introduction of one of the most influential puppets to ever happen upon the big screen! But since we're "unofficially" excluding the Star Wars titles from our lists, I'll move on.

So with that out of the way, I will give you my list as I see it now in my life. I can't promise you that my list will always be the same, but I can promise that the love and devotion that I put into making it will never change. We'll see if these same titles are as prominent a few years down the road, but as of now, these are the titles I best see fit for these top ten slots.

Without further ado, here is my top 10 list:

10. Jurassic Park (1993)

9. Watchmen (2009)

8. The Matrix (1999)

7. Halloween (1978)

6. The Exorcist (1973)

5. Avatar (2009)

4. Superman Returns (2006)

3. Forrest Gump (1994)

2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Leave comments of your own lists or simply comment on how much you like/dislike my selections. Or, if you want to ask why certain things are where they are, do that too. Remember this is not my "best" movies of all- time list, simply my favorites. Thanks for reading!


  1. Andy I had no idea you liked Watchmen so much. Please explain why if you get the time. Not that I didn't like the movie, I just don't think I understood it enough, and I would love to hear an explanation about the film from someone who loved it so much. I remember when I saw the trailers I wanted to love it so much and it just didn't happen. After you explain why, I'll go back and watch it again and hopefully love it more.

  2. Watchmen doesn't surprise me nearly ass much as Forrest Gump. Not that it's a bad movie or anything, I just wouldn't have expected it on your Top 10 All-Time.

    What a broad selection though!

    1. Yeah that one surprised me to, I've just never heard Andy ever mention that movie once but its number 3.

  3. Far as watchmen is concerned. I just love all of the different ways of looking at the situation that the heroes had. Manhattan not understanding why people even bother and then realizing that every decision we make effects the entire world because the sheer astronomical percentege that we should ever have existed at all in such a specific way in such a specific form doesnt make sense to him until he looks through lauries eyes and sees how every thing she has done in her life and everything she has gone through brought her to that exact moment in that exact mindset. The comedian being a pardoy of the human condition is fantastic! He is the irony of the situation. His way of seeing the world is that the small stuff doesnt matter, a life here a death there...who cares the world always goes on with or without the specific people in them. But he can also see that too many people out for themselves is destroying the world so killing them is like doing a service to the world. Then rorschach who is the no tolerance policy. You do something wrong then killing you is the best way to prevent it happening again. He sees the world as a dark place full of the worst sinners imaginable and if he falters for a bit then innocence suffers for it. Thats what he means at the end. If he lets ozymandias do evil for a good reason then it just opens the door for more evil. Not even in the face of man destroying himself is he willing to turn his back on his morals...or else the whole world will suffer for it. Ozy is the quick route. He is the walmart of the superhero community, if you put enough money and training into it then you can manufacture a super hero. Ozymandias is the only one that doesnt stand for a purpose other than to "fix the world". 3 year old children want to fix the world too, its just that they dont have enough money to pretend like they can. Night owl is our vision. He sees the reasoning in all of the points of view. They all make sense to some degree but everything is always in motion. He is the everyman.

    So yea thats what I loved about it. Plus it looked cool and the fights were neat lol

  4. Forrest gump is just a good trip through history with a rainbow of emotions to choose from and tom hanks fronting it all. Its just a straight up good time. Its such a good time that its my number 3

  5. Plus Andy, I saw Watchmen again and as much as I want to love this movie, I can't do it. I still don't dislike it and I did enjoy it more this time than I did when I saw it the first time. When there was fighting it did look good, but for me personally the movie had too much babbling about ideals and morals, which maybe if it had been a little more balanced it wouldn't have been as big of an issue. Now if thats the way the graphic novel is thats fine, I'm not faulting it for that but for me personally it wasn't that entertaining. Certain movies I'm fine with them being filled with dialogue but with my super hero movies I need a little more ground and pound. I will say this though, the opening credits of that movie are easily some of the best I can think of, too bad that is my favorite part of the movie, but I do love them. I'll end with saying this is one of the rare movies that I feel more upset with myself for not liking it more. Even though it doesn't do a lot for me, its a movie that I would never try and persuade someone against liking, which I think is a pretty good compliment.


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