Moving Forward

So now that the Slackers Selection Movie Blog is finally live, I guess it's time to outline a few of the plans we have for the site. Launching today sets the pace for a lot of exciting things to follow. First of all, as many of you may know, the nominations for the 84th Academy Awards were announced today. The Oscars are the Super Bowl of the film industry, and it always gives pundits and general fans alike a chance to make their predictions and see who comes out on top. There will be plenty of awards talk to follow from here, outlining everything from our overall predictions in all categories as well as some possible upsets we see on the horizon. So check back for plenty of posts on that topic for the next month or so. Along with all of this, there is a plan in place to get a weekly or bi-weekly podcast started up as well - just with some general discussion on everything that may be happening in the film world that week. New releases, trailer releases, casting/directing news, awards info, etc., etc. We have some writers coming together from all across the country (official announcements to follow soon) so it'll be nice to get everyone together on a regular basis and go over the latest news.

Otherwise, we're still finalizing a lot of the plans, so other than some of our awards talk and predictions over the next week or so, the biggest thing we have planned is the reveal of our Top 10 Lists of 2011. This will be a lot of fun to unveil, as each of us will have our own unique take on what our favorites were this past year. It will also give our readers a chance to see what types of films we're into and see what we view as the bests. Our hope is that our lists will do one of the better jobs of combining pure blockbuster fun with critically acclaimed works. We try not focus on what was the "best" in a given time - anyone can find the most technically sound works and compile a list - and more on what our favorites were. We feel as those have much more merit and meaning then just throwing a Best-Of list together. We're always looking for movies that we enjoy watching, and those are the films we want to share with you and help you appreciate. Simple as that. So we'll throw those up in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully that will elicit plenty of discussion amongst us all!