Movie Review: "Melancholia" by Andy Schopp

This is a 2011 release by Lars Von Trier starring Kirsten Dunst, Alexander Skarsgård, Keifer Sutherland and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The movie opens in a very cinematic sequence, we will call a "dream sequence" for now, that lets you know immediately that this is a Von Trier film. The sequence lays out the upcoming plot of the movie in abstract images, with the last being a very recognizable and understandable image of the Earths annihilation via a huge planet aptly named Melancholia that has gone rogue through space. After this dream we move on to a wedding of anxious proportions. It is easily the most anxiety ridden wedding I have ever watched or taken part in, and I have been privy to many. Weddings are stressful they give you a lump in your stomach that doesn't go away until you hit the open bar at the reception. The wedding in this feature just builds on this lump and causes it to grow and grow without boundaries. That's where the tone of this movie is set up, anxiety and panic, get used to these as they will be sharing a seat with you for the duration of the film. As the planet of Melancholia gets closer these emotions build at an exponential rate. You hardly notice them at first but soon you recognize them for what they truly are, your survival instincts telling you to survive. Just know that you are not the sole person feeling this, other movie goers are feeling it too as long as they have the pleasure of connecting with these characters on an emotional level.

This movie is not for everyone. There will be people that don't want to feel the anxiety or people that simply find the vehicle of the story boring and slow moving. Don't be embarrassed because not every person can like every movie, it just is not possible. The dialogue can be rather monotone through most of the movie and the music, while beautiful, does seem to be stuck on repeat throughout most of it. But warning to all, BEWARE THE LAST IMAGE OF THE FILM. It will hit the nitros button on your fight or flight. If you choose to obey this instinct just remember where the emergency exits are and please don't hurt anyone on your way out.

In closing, I'd say I check this movie out. It serves its purpose to the T; Trier knew what he wanted and nailed it to the wall. Just remember to watch the trailer first.