"Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2"?! No, Just a Great Ad by Honda

The other day a quick 10-second video hit the internet with Matthew Broderick pulling the drapes and giving one very Bueller-inspired line. Immediately following, the well-known Ferris Bueller music kicks in for just long enough to bring back those nostalgic emotions and get you wanting more.

The purpose behind the brief ad was unknown until late last night. Was it really a teaser for another Ferris Bueller movie? Unfortunately for us fans, it was not. It was just the teaser for Honda's new CRV. The ad recreates many of the same scenes originally seen in the 1986 movie, just with a modern, adult twist on them.

I enjoyed the ad. We've been hearing about a Bueller sequel for a few years now, and I've been one that would be all for it. I enjoyed the characters and I'd love to see Broderick back on the bigscreen playing this character again. So for that, the ad was a fun, nostalgic watch. But it also confirmed that the entire purpose of the ad was for a car, with no intentions of a sequel to the movie. So for that, I was a little bummed. But who knows, even though it's just an ad, maybe it will create enough outward hype that real ground can be made on an actual sequel.

Unfortunately, the full ad has been taken off most websites by now. Apparently it was intended for a Super Bowl release next weekend, so understandably, Honda is wanting to get the exposure down as much as possible. It's been completely removed from YouTube, but it is still available if you want to watch it. For now, here's a link to a site that has a pretty good quality version of it up right now. Check it out and leave your thoughts on the video at the bottom.